Tuesday, November 21, 2006


in other news...
  • groundbreaking maverick director robert altman has passed away at age 81. i've only seen a handful of his many films (my favorite of the ones i've seen is the player), but fortunately, the cable premium channels will surely now be in a rush to collect and air all the altman films they can get their hands on.
  • recently, it was announced that OJ simpson had written a book. titled if i did it, the book reportedly details how OJ would have murdered his ex-wife and her lover, if he had actually done so. (nudge nudge, wink wink.) the book was also to be accompanied by a two-part interview on fox television.

    everyone with a modicum of taste immediately cried foul. they saw the book and interview as a crass attempt to capitalize on the grisly murder of two innocent people. if OJ truly didn't do it, who cares how he would have if he had? and if he did, what kind of people would let him cash in on his crimes?

    now, courtesy shakespeare's sister, i see that news corp has given in to the public pressure: both the book and the interview have been cancelled.
  • the california supreme court has ruled that "internet publishers" cannot be held liable for libelous commenters posted by third parties. in other words, if some troll comes here to my blog and posts nasty comments, i can't be held responsible. while it would be possible to abuse this ruling (e.g. setting up a hate site but depending on your commenters to post all the hateful content), it's a welcome ruling that allows the internet to remain an open forum for discussion.
  • a new study shows that chimpanzee males are more attracted to older females.
  • tom noe, an ohio fundraiser whose name has become synonymous with the word "coingate", is the latest republican to go to jail: he was sentenced to 18 years.

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Anonymous said...

A key point that will be immediately overlooked by many sites - the supreme court ruling means a site can't be held liable in a legal fashion.

That doesn't hold sites like IndyUndercover free from criticism and general scorn for allowing hate-filled screeds in the comments to remain, however.