Wednesday, November 15, 2006

show your colors

i don't think i own any colts clothing, but if i did, you'd better believe i'd be wearing it to steak n shake on sunday. because i don't really care about the indianapolis colts, but i loves me some steak n shake. (though my father and sister both own colts gear that i might be able to borrow.)

from the indy star:

Thousands of Indianapolis residents will doubtlessly do a double-take when they open the mail this week and find out that Indianapolis-based Steak n Shake restaurant is "a proud sponsor of the Dallas Cowboys."

The restaurant chain said it inadvertently sent a mailer promoting its Cowboys blue-and-white, side-by-side milkshake to more than 600,000 residents in Indianapolis. The mailer was intended for the Dallas market only. Hundreds of thousands also were mailed to residents in Chicago and St. Louis.

The Colts play the Cowboys in Dallas on Sunday. Steak n Shake, which is a sponsor of the Colts and the Cowboys, apologized in a news release on Wednesday. It said the mistake was a result of human error with its mailing vendor, ADVO.

To try to make the best of the situation, Steak n Shake is offering dine-in customers who are wearing Colts caps or clothing a free milkshake of any flavor -- including the Colts Blue and White Side-by-Side Shake, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday.

note that this offer is probably not good outside of central indiana. sorry, auslanders. (and if you're unfortunate enough to live in an area where there are no steak n shakes, i'm really sorry.)

incidentally, i've had one of the colts side-by-side shakes, and it was pretty tasty. it's basically a chocolate shake, but only half as chocolatey. our waitress made a couple references to my tongue turning blue. whether it did, i don't know; i never got to look. but assuming it did, that's not all that turned blue. how do i put this gently? let's just say that my body didn't digest all the food coloring, so i was in for a surprise after a trip to the bathroom that evening.


arratik said...

closest steak n shake to us is in gastonia, nc, about an hour away. that might seem like an excessive drive for a restaurant, but then we have been known to drive all the way down to charleston, sc just for shrimp & grits @ slightly north of broad on occasion...

i think there was a steak n shake here in asheville years ago, but for reasons that no one can seem to remember it closed down.

Anonymous said...

even your nephew now has some colts stuff to wear... I think I know what you are getting for Christmas!