Friday, November 03, 2006

carson denounces negative campaigning

julia carson today released the following statement condemning the negative mailers that were sent out by the DCCC:

I have run for office in Indianapolis for over 30 years and clean campaigns have been something Hoosiers not only have seen from me but something they expect. Not once have I sent out a negative mailer to my friends, neighbors and constituents in the 7th District while representing them. I am outraged by the negative mailers sent out by the DCCC and completely denounce them. Under the new campaign finance laws the DCCC can make an independent expenditure that the candidate has no knowledge of, input in or control over. That is why I am calling upon the DCCC and any group making independent expenditures to cease and desist in these attacks. The closing days of a political campaign are crazy and I favor sanity, I hope the remaining days of this campaign signal a return to sanity and the issues.

i'm sure this won't appease the rabid julia haters on the right, but then, there's nothing she could possibly do to appease those folks.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you just a bit naive!!!

Anonymous said...

The only person in the 7th district race that has not stooped to mudslinging is Dickerson. It's time for Carson's respresentation in Congress to end. Hell, she doesn't even show up most of the time.

stAllio! said...

on the contrary, the dickerson campaign has been remarkably filthy. dickerson has just been better at hiding behind his surrogates.