Friday, March 12, 2004

ups & downs today. first microsoft word send me into a murderous rage. somedays the program is only irritating, & i only spend 5-10% or so of my time fighting the program to force it to do what i want (i mean, really simple basic things that it just doesn't want to do the easy way, or stupid glitches like when i'm spell-checking & it tells me "this feature has not been installed. would you like to install it now?" & i'm like "you stupid piece of shit, just spell check the document!" & then it goes "word could not find the french dictionary" & i'm like "what french?"). but days like today are much more intense battles, where i start to feel all violent & i just want to cut loose on some microsoft employee... it doesn't even have to be bill gates, just some m$ lackey from the office team i can toss around the room screaming "why is this software such a piece of garbage?!"

that wasn't really helped by the fact that i'd already heard on npr that the california supreme court had placed an injunction on san francisco, stating that no more gay marriage licenses could be granted until the court reviews whether newsom had the right to ignore prop 22 & issue the licenses. however, the court did not say that the licenses already issued are invalid, or anything of the sort. so the battle is far from over, & the homophobes still might lose in the long run.

it wasn't helped by the fact that i'd also heard that massachusetts took the first step to passing an anti-gay amendment, or that i read an excellent expose on salon about how the DoD twisted intelligence to suit neocon objectives.

and then i found out that i won't get my test pressings for true data until late next week or early the following week... to the extent that i'll be lucky if i even have my tests before the the show on march 20 (& it would be really nice to have those tests at the show so i can listen to them over the big PA)

but then i found out that i will appear on a huge new indianapolis-based mp3cd compilation due out next month. so that's kind of good news, especially since i am just about the only artist who already knows whether they're on it.

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