Sunday, March 28, 2004

tonight was the special saturday-night breakcore/punk/dnb event at the melody inn. good turnout, especially considering it was saturday at the mel yet it was not "punk rock night".

got there early; not sure who was spinning at the time but they played a lot of 2-step & slightly more "accessible" dnb. not too bad, but i've definitely heard better in my (limited) experience at dnb night.

after that was the sump pumps. they are basically a punk rock band with a synth player. the synth player alternated between a moog & a "key-tar". since i generally don't like punk rock, it should be no surprise that i was not feeling these guys, but it seemed like everyone else in the room was, so i have to give them credit for that. i did like what i heard of the synths though. & their cd apparently comes packaged inside an old 5 1/4" floppy (yes, i've seen it before, but it's still a cool packaging idea).

next up was the skumfux (dj tagteam between jahba & sumone). they spun some good hard ragga jungle, with maybe a dash of breakcore (i have no idea where the line is between hard jungle & breakcore). they also spun a couple of their dub plates, which sounded pretty good.

throughout all this i sat by myself at a table drinking woodchucks & watching either the stage or the handful of hotties in the club, not speaking to anyone except enduser for a minute (& there was also a girl there who reminded me of a girl i met at goth night there 4 years ago & went on a date with... on the date i was really mopey & talked a lot about my loneliness for some reason... when she later rejected me in an email [which in hindsight probably shouldn't have been a surprise] i blew up & went on a rant... anyway, i have no idea if this was the same girl or not, but at one point we made eye contact & she asked if my name was alex. maybe it was her & she just couldn't place me).

when enduser took the stage i ran up to the front & stayed there, pretty much directly in front of him, dancing & rocking out for his set. he did a great ragga breakcore set like i expected.

maybe 30-40 minutes into his set i developed some gas pain, but i don't trust the melody bathroom enough to sit there as long as would be necessary. the pain didn't want to go away either. but i stayed right at the front of the stage supporting enduser like a good bwoy.

after enduser, 9mm took the decks. jahba announced on the mic that 9mm deserves our respect because he drives 5-6 hours to get in indy (from cleveland) & he's already been in indy 3x this month. that's all well & good; he sounded good; & he sounded good when i heard him previously on tuesday as well. but like i said to enduser: "my stomach hurts. i have to go." so i picked up some sonicterror merch, gave enduser a recycle shirt, & headed home to the commode. that was like 1:30. now it's 4am, i'm listening to my new acquisitions, & i'm up too late writing emails & blog entries...

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