Sunday, March 14, 2004

so when i got up this morning our internet connexion was on the fritz. every so often our roadrunner service gets so bad it's pretty much useless. that was enough to motivate to leave the house after lunch & venture to the new sam ash store (they bought out all the mars locations when mars went bankrupt). it's actually quite a lot like mars was: the layout has changed a little (but only a little, some rooms being moved around), & it can still take 30 minutes just to get some help from the staff. once you get them to help you, they'll pay a lot of attention to you, but it takes awhile to get them to help at all (which i think is probably symptomatic of the walmartization of all shopping: put tons of equipment in one store & then understaff seems to be business as usual now).

but eventually i got someone to hook up the display kp2 for me (he didn't hook up any audio inputs, but at least hooked up the output & midi so i could play with some of the synth functions. & hell, it would be fun to have just for the synths, without even playing with the 80 other fx. then the sales guy asked me what kind of stuff i do... i said "experimental electronic stuff" to which he said "idm" to which i said "kinda, if that even means anything." after chuckling about that, he asked "like venetian snares?"

other people in town know who venetian snares is now. weird. & just recently i found out that the peeps who run the local "dnb night" (drbmd & i have been meaning to hit that but haven't gotten to it yet) are booking enduser on march 27, then booking doormouse & blaerg on april 20. breakcore has broken through in indy... while we at bad taste still toil in relative obscurity, after 5+ years of promoting & producing in the area.

anyway, they had one kp2 in stock (in a box) & yeah, i bought it. soon i will hook it into my mixer & start playing around with it, but i think i need to get some cleaning done first... chores chores chores

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