Wednesday, March 10, 2004

now this is just weird.

yesterday i quoted a newsweek article stating that bush had used actors in place of firefighters in his recent ads.

later i posted that the article had been changed, & the portion i'd quoted was missing.

but now, & this is the really suspicious part, it appears that they have changed it back. or at least, when i revisit the page now, the original version is back.

it'd be enough to think i was going crazy if several other bloggers hadn't also posted about the disappearance (so far it looks like only a couple have noticed the reappearance yet). so unless something is seriously wrong with my eyes or my internet cache, newsweek has changed it back.

so wtf was that about? i could've bought that the first change was simply a correction, that there were in fact no fake firefighters & newsweek had just done a sloppy job of correcting the error. i was suspicious, but i could've believed that. but changing it, then changing it back the next day (after several bloggers noticed the edit)? still with no disclaimer or explanation at the bottom of the page? that is too shady to be believed.

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