Monday, March 08, 2004

gop threatens a young republican running for congress: "Just consider what you're doing now. You don't want to have the freakin' president of the United States mad at you for the rest of your life."

what was this young republicans offense, his crime so heinous that it would make an enemy of the white house? he dared to actually run for office! against whoever the gop has anointed for that seat. & who is the chosen son?

Incumbent Ralph Hall had represented the district as a Democrat for more than 20 years until January, when he switched parties and joined the GOP. "I think I can get re-elected much easier if I run as a Republican," Hall told The Associated Press at the time. The GOP, naturally concerned that their newest member could be attacked in a primary for his defection and his comments to the AP, wanted to make the race easier for Hall. According to Murphy, before getting the call from Reynolds, he was twice contacted by the Republican Party of Texas, which also advised him to drop out. He didn't, which is when the NRCC took over the "get-Murphy-out" push.

the gop howls like the wicked witch of the west when jim jeffords dares to defect from the gop & go independent. but if a democrat switches over to their side, they will go so far as to threaten other republicans to stay out of the man's way. interesting.

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