Sunday, March 28, 2004

i took connie to the bus station yesterday afternoon. it was depressing; we weren't ready to part yet, but i guess that's how it goes. at least we'll see each other again in two months.

all in all it was a great vacation & a great visit. she says she loves indiana (not sure how i managed that), & we had lots of good times & good meals. nice restaurants, a couple shows and/or club nights, & a trip to the new indiana state museum (which is actually pretty cool).

on thursday morning (the day before she left) i vomited. morning sickness isn't too unusual for me; it happens once every month or two just from exhaustion, hunger, & my weird digestive system. but the nausea didn't quite go away, which is a bit unusual, & i had other nasty symptoms like diarrhea, which gave way to gas & gas pain (how does that work?)

thursday nights are goth night, & i had committed to a couple people that we would be there, so all day thursday we just sat around watching tv & listening to records, hoping that i would feel fine again in time to go to the club. i thought i was going pretty well until i vomited again at 8:30pm (& once more later, dry heaves even). that was enough to tell me we weren't going out.

friday morn i felt mostly better, though my appetite didn't really return until dinnertime. i'm still not really sure what it was. one theory was just bad diet from being on vacation. another was that i picked up some bug when we were visiting unszene (since i thought i heard that his wife & kid had been sick recently). another theory was that it was just nerves because i was upset connie would leave again. most likely it was a combination of nerves & something else (connie apparently felt ill last night & this morning, so it seems unlikely to have been nerves alone).

but anyway, the illness wasn't so bad it invalidated the vacation or anything. overall i'm still really happy with the past week; there are just a couple illness-type details i wish i could've avoided.

(oh yeah, the show on the 20th was fun, although it was during spring break in bloomington so we got only about 14 paying customers at the door. but lots of great music, & i traded some test pressings for great bad taste t-shirts & buttons... look out for those soon!)

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