Tuesday, March 30, 2004

someone posted the prison bitch name generator on imn. of course, these name generators are usually pretty lame (though not as lame as the "which pizza topping are you?" type quizzes that clutter up livejournal), but the first name it generated for me was The Crack Killer, which is kinda cool (much better than Fuzzy Nuts or Cum Stain, which i got for entering other variations of my name).

but what caught my eye there was the animation of the woman stripping in the top banner. so i clicked it to go the galleries, assuming that the galleries must be full of porn. i was fairly disappointed when the first gallery was just lame pictures of cycling. yawn. eventually i did find a few pics of people flashing in the "ragbrai" galleries, but more interesting than those, i thought, was the fan pics gallery.

how do these little websites get random strange women on the internet to write the site's name on their bodies & pose for nude photos? seriously, this would be a good skill to have. hell, even my own lovers tell me they're not interested in posing nude (not that i beg them for it; it just comes up. although it'd be super cool to have a couple shots of my lovely girlfriend, just something private to keep me warm on those lonesome nights at sea). so i can't even imagine what would be needed to inspire some woman i don't even know to write stAllio! on her ass & flash her snatch for the camera. hell, i'd settle for some seminude shots of girls wearing stAllio! thongs (which people keep telling me they're going to buy, but still don't)... ooh, or girls wearing awia t-shirts & nothing underneath. i mean damn, is there just a certain type of exhibitionist woman who goes around submitting these types of fan pics, or is it just part of the phenomenon of fandom that some of your fans get so excited their clothes come off? because if it's the latter, i need some better fans.

(yes, before you say it, i did get a friend to pose topless for the cover of maura's milk chocolate bath, but that was a very specific idea for an art project & photo shoot; she didn't just rip her blouse off because she loves me. very different scenarios.)

i mean, seriously, if people started sending me fan photos like the ones in that fanpix gallery, i would totally use them in the cover art for my next project, or print them for a collage on my wall, or something. they would be used for something (more than just pleasuring myself). they wouldn't just take up space on my website.

or maybe it's just that my girlfriend lives far away, so since i can't look at her sexy body very often i just beg for personalized porn from my blog readers. but even if that's true, i would totally get off on st! fan pics & try to do something productive/artistic with them. for real.

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