Monday, March 08, 2004

as a john waters fan, i don't know what to make of plans to remake hairspray as an onscreen musical. but my initial reaction is i don't like it.

i haven't seen the broadway version of hairspray & don't know if i'll ever get a chance to either. but considering how hard it it to do an effective movie musical, i don't have the highest hopes.

not only that, but E! hasn't been doing its homework.

Hairspray is the second major musical along the Great White Way to follow the screen-to-stage-to-screen trajectory.

In January, Universal Pictures announced plans to make a new Producers film based on the Broadway version starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.

what about little shop of horrors? that started as a roger corman film, became an off-broadway musical, which was reinterpreted into a movie musical starring rick moranis... & now there's a broadway version. technically i guess it wasn't on broadway before the film came out, but so what? broadway is little more than a "brand" used to designate that some theatres are somehow superior to all others, simply because they happen to be located on one particular street, as if geography & quality really have anything to do with each other.

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