Sunday, March 14, 2004

i'm getting a huge bonus this year, which is a nice change from the past few years. but i guess we actually exceeded some goals for once (the brady games imprint was our biggest earner by far). payday isn't until monday but i think i already got my check (bonus included) & on top of that i should receive my tax refund soon.

with all this money coming in, it seems like i should treat myself to something nice. yeah, i'm getting records pressed but technically i'm using (old) inheritance money for that. & connie's coming to visit this week; i'm taking a week's vacation & surely i'll blow some money for that. but that's not quite the same either. i need some tech toy; something tangible to show for it. it's a disgusting consumeristic urge, i know, but hey... it's a lot of money (relatively) to come in at once... & although monday is payday, apparently my direct deposit went through sometime late this afternoon.

it would be nice to get a tivo; i definitely will be getting one of those rather soon. but then i just thought it would be pretty nice to get a KP2 kaoss pad. i can pick it up at sam ash for $300. quahogs played one at rr7 & it sounded awesome; unfortunately that set didn't get recorded so i can't listen again to verify its awesomeness, but i seem to remember him using it to get some pretty neat dsp fx. i've been dying to get some dsp fx in general, & have been hungry to add some new live fx to my live performances, so if it's half as cool as i expect it is, i should get one.

of course, if i want to use it for the show on the 20th, i should get it ASAP so i can practice with it. this is always how i buy these kinds of things. i make the decision to buy impulsively, & i will price shop, maybe stop at a couple stores, but then i always buy that same day. i actually was drooling over the KP2s a couple months ago but then money was tighter due to xmas/vacation bills (plus i hadn't paid any of the record expenses yet) so i knew i had to hold off buying it. then i forgot for a few months, & just remembered just now. i have the money, i have gigs coming up, i've only heard rave reviews... hell, i can easily afford the tivo and the kp2.

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