Monday, October 17, 2005

weird m&m thing

what the hell is this thing?

i just found it in my bag of "darth mix" dark chocolate m&ms. it appears to be a grossly misshappen irregular m&m that somehow made it through quality control and into my bag. it reminds me of baking cookies, and you have that tiny little bit of dough left over at the end of the batch, and you don't want to waste it, but it's not enough to make a full-sized cookie, so you just toss that tiny lump of dough on the cookie sheet and it bakes into some funky-shaped microcookie (μcookie or just μc). (hey, i like that... i think i'll use mu more often, say, referring to a certain software company as μsoft [μ$ for short], or a certain audio pickup device as a μphone.)

apparently my digital camera isn't good enough for macrophotography (at least not when i'm holding it), so the photo here was the best close-up i could get of the thing.

i haven't been brave enough to eat it yet, but i probably will soon. for science.


arratik said...

you sure you didn't win some sort of contest?

stAllio! said...

no, i didn't eat it. unfortunately, i did accidentally break it into two pieces. this probably impacts its "ebay value" (though it doesn't resemble any religious figures as far as i can tell, so i'm not sure anyone would buy it).

however, now that it's broken in twain, i can inspect its insides. and it looks like it doesn't have any milk chocolate inside at all! it appears to be a thick, solid chunk of "candy coating".