Friday, October 21, 2005

friday cat databending

i've been anxious to post this all week, but had to wait until today... after all rules are rules, and friday is friday.

friday cat blogging is an old prestigious tradition in blogdom. basically, on fridays, people "cut loose" by posting pictures of their cats. because TGIF, or something.

since i've already blogged about my cat a number of times now, i was considering starting some cat blogging of my own. then i thought of something better: cat databending blogging!

so periodically, on fridays (but not every friday) i will post a picture of leland (or maybe some other cat[s], in future editions) that i have databent. here we go.

original image is 640x480. smaller than i'd like, but it's a few years old. this was taken in the second half of 2002 or the first half of 2003: i bought the rig (which he's lying on) in late summer 2002, but this was clearly taken while i was living at my parents' house, and i moved out of there around august 2003.

the file was resaved using progressive compression (setting 8) and bent using a wav editor, except for "leland-rig-wordpad", which used the wordpad effect. i bent the file until it rendered differently in paint and firefox (wouldn't open in IE). the other files are earlier iterations of this bend.

leland-rig-original.JPG: original image:

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click here for actual bent image
(will probably not open in internet explorer)


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