Saturday, October 22, 2005

the patio is closing

broad ripple landmark club the patio has announced that it's closing. last show under current management will be otis gibbs on nov. 26.

After 40 some years in business, in one form or another, the Patio at 6308 N. Guilford Ave. in Broad Ripple will cease operation. Based on the market, the Patio has not been doing the business it used to in past years, and sales have continued to decline. Therefore, we are closing the Patio effective November 30, 2005. It is strictly a business decision and no other factors weighed into the decision.

With regard to the history of the Patio , The Patio began its history as a bar and live music club in 1950 when it was called the Terrace Lounge. That name changed to Lazas Cocktail Lounge until 1954. In 1955 it became the Pink Squirrel. Then in 1960 it became The Doris in Broad Ripple. (No one seems to know who Doris was.) The name of The Patio began in 1962 when it was named Jim Moore's Patio Bar, which was only about half the size it is now. As the smaller businesses moved out of the building, the Patio expanded into their space. Eventually, in approximately 1977, the Patio became the size it is today under the ownership of Arthur "Chubby" Wadsworth. Chubby was a well-known character in and around Broad Ripple. He ran the Patio with the help of Tyrone Tice and Randy Roy. They operated as the Patio Lounge with live rock bands. At that time the Patio was one of only three live music clubs in Broad Ripple. These three included the Vogue, the Patio, and the Garage. (The Garage operated out of where Cardinal Fitness is now.) In 1985 Chubby sold the Patio to Randy Roy. Then in 1987, Randy sold the Patio Lounge to Steve Ross and Dennis Burris. They called it the Patio Nightclub, but most people just call it "the Patio."

In regards to band bookings and live music in Broad Ripple, Matt Schwegman, who has been the Booking Manager for both The Patio and The Vogue, will continue to serve as talent buyer for The Vogue. In turn, The Vogue plans on increasing the amount of live music, which comes through the venue. Not only will The Vogue continue to focus on national touring artists, but will also book more local artists and historically "Patio- type" bands. We encourage all local musicians to continue to contact Mr. Schwegman in regards to any upcoming show ideas you may have.

Going into the Patio will be a new club operated by David and Maggie Lee, owners of Naked Tchopstix in Broad Ripple. Naked Tchopstix is a sushi bar and operates in the building south of the Vogue. If you would like to speak with them you can reach them at 317-506-7677.

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a shame. the place was legendary in the indianapolis music scene. and while i enjoyed naked tchopstix when virago & i went there a few weeks back, running a club is fairly different from running a sushi bar.

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