Wednesday, October 05, 2005

technology voice podcast

got this in my email yesterday:

Just thought you'd like to know that I used a track from AWIA that I found on opsound a while ago in the latest episode of my podcast, technology voice.

thanks for existing,

Hul Mal Gamay

the show itself is interesting. it's edited in a fairly seamless manner so that it flows well, to the point that it's not always clear what's what. there's no back-announcing to speak of, though the show notes on the site itself do give an outline of each episode. of course, i was working while i listened so i couldn't give it my full attention.

they used an excerpt from "a prayer for cold turkey", as you might guess from the show notes.

so yeah, i've only listened to the one show so far (and was distracted), but from what i heard this is a promising podcast.

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drbmd said...

i thought that song was from "the_fezzuck", therefore NOT an AWIA track ---> is my memory playing games w/ me?