Monday, October 17, 2005

more music blogs

drbmd fwd'd me the latest tb6 newsletter today, i assume to draw my attention to the fact that quintron and miss pussycat are scheduled to play bloomington on oct 30. (i haven't heard any of their stuff yet, so i can't judge how interested i'd be in the show [and virago & i have dinner plans that possibly conflict anyway] but i plan to remedy that soon.)

the top of the newsletter mentions that dj /rupture has a blog. it looks pretty interesting, with musical discussion ranging from breakcore to grime to reggaeton to all sorts of "world music". see his 10-step guide to selling out or these posts where he responds to a christoph fringeli post on the c8 board (which i haven't been keeping up with very much recently).

/rupture's blog points us to wayne & wax, who's very prolific and seems to have a lot to say about production, reggae, and other such stuff. even better, wayne blogs for a group blog called the riddim method, with lots of discussion about mashups, copyfighting, remixing, and what have you. it's like boomselection with brains.

i've added all these to the "mp3blogs" section of my blogroll, which should add a little more variety so it's not all outsider/incorrect blogs anymore, which is good.


djempirical said...

i like Quintron a lot, though i haven't heard much more than his Are You Ready for an Organ Solo? which reeeeally does it for me at times.

i knew about the rupture blog, but stopped following it a while back; i guess i should have mentioned it. ;)

stAllio! said...

i listened to ...organ solo last night and there were parts that i thought were pretty catchy, but the bulk of the album did not grab me much at all.

djempirical said...

if for no other reason, respect his "drum buddy", the analog drum machine he invented. :)