Tuesday, October 04, 2005

stewie griffin, the sold out story

man, this new family guy movie must be one hot property. not only was i hearing from bittorrent users how good it was months before it came out, not only was i completely unable to find it at fry's on saturday after double-checking every aisle in the dvd section, but today i went to target for cat food and they didn't have any either. at least i was eventually able to find the empty rack space where it would've been if it weren't out of stock. grr... i will find this movie, and i will watch it.

target didn't have any copies of ghost in the shell: SAC 2nd gig volume 1, which i just discovered was out last night, though i wasn't too surprised about that. i don't expect target to get all the anime releases in immediately.

they did have devo radiation suit costumes, though, so i couldn't resist buying one. some of you have seen the pictures (circa halloween '98) of me in devo garb, but the radiation suit was the costume i really wanted—i just couldn't find a yellow jumpsuit at the time. now i have one, though it's a little flimsy, as you might expect from a halloween costume.

as weird as it is to see devo be embraced by the corporate culture they satirized, this is one costume where it wouldn't suck to see lots of people wearing the same costume as you. on the contrary, i would think that the more people wear the radiation suit, the more powerful it becomes. i don't know yet what i'm doing for halloween, but i want to see tons of people everywhere in radiation suits. i want it to be reminiscent of the "through being cool" video, with an ever-expanding group of joiners converging together, all wearing the same thing. sort of like santacon. smart patrol, unite!

i also grabbed a couple $1 halloween cds. i'm accumulating a lot of halloween cds: sound fx, spooky stories, and the like. i need to do something with them... maybe a holiday-themed ep is in order, collecting my old halloween material with some new stuff. (don't count on it, though.)

then it was time to drive through burger king on my way back to the office. when i saw that bk now has wallace & gromit toys i had little choice but to buy the big kids meal rather than an "adult" combo. the toy i got was "gromit's shine-o-matic", which is a little flashlight with gromit's face painted on the lens... sort of like the bat-signal, but with gromit. the gromit-signal. it'll probably make more sense once i've seen the movie.


djempirical said...

dude, i am SO getting one of those devo suits.

and yes, the stewie movie is good. we've had a burn of it for a couple months.

arratik said...

at school last night i saw a bumper sticker on a ford focus that said "what would DEVO do?" - it made me smile.

now if only target would stock booji boy masks...