Thursday, October 27, 2005

leland is awake... and toothless

just got the call from dr simpson that leland is waking up from the anesthesia.

he said "once we got him in there it was a no-brainer that this was absolutely necessary." leland only has three canine teeth left! the other 27 teeth are gone! his tooth decay was very advanced.

poor toothless kitty. he doesn't seem to like moist/canned food very much, but i guess that's too bad because he probably won't want to eat much dry food in the next couple weeks! cans it will be for the time being, if not the rest of his life. or if that doesn't work out, maybe i'll switch him over to tender vittles.

let this be a lesson: get your pet's teeth checked! because i don't think they make kitty dentures.


Anonymous said...

my coworkers and i are discussing it, and they say that either you can soak kibble in water (or maybe milk, if the vet says it's ok?)... or else maybe try the soft kibble for old cats that they sell. i'm so sorry about all the dental issues, but at least he woke up, hooray!!!

Anonymous said...

oh, tender vittles, that's what i meant.

stAllio! said...

on the phone, dr simpson suggested "moistening the dry food with some canned food" if leland didn't want to eat canned by itself. but i'm sure i could soak it too, if he would eat that. and they might have more suggestions for me when i go pick him up.