Wednesday, June 15, 2005

to live & shave in washington dc

when john aravosis of americablog picks up on a story, he really clenches it in his teeth and bites down hard. today he has lots about mary carey's visit to the white house fundraiser. (he also has a lot about the recent senate "anti-lynching", which was secretly passed during a late night voice vote, apparently because there are around 15 republican senators who are seemingly pro-lynching, but that's a different story.)

john even wrote an article about it for radar, which closes with this fantastic quote:

"Politicians see the people who make porn movies as sleazy and the girls as dumb, but Mark's not sleazy and I’m not dumb." She pauses for a minute then asks, "Do you think I should shave my vagina tonight or tomorrow?"

though still no answer on whether she went "brazilian" or shaved down to a "landing strip"... it appears i need to do more "research" on on the issue of carey's bush ("carey" sounds like "kerry"? "bush" vs "bush"? coincidence?)

and as much as certain media outlets might want to ignore the porn-star angle to the fundraiser story (*cough*washingtonpost*cough*), people are starting to take notice. and some of those people don't share my unabashed love of porn stars. some of them tried to get comments from white house spokesliar scott mclellan but scotty refused, redirecting the question to the NRCC, which hosted the fundraiser.

anyway, i hope the radar article gets picked up, because the only thing i like more than seeing the word "vagina" in the news is seeing the word "vagina" appear in an article about bush.