Wednesday, June 29, 2005

stock up on sudafed

doug directs our attention to this indy star article about new laws going into effect in indiana this friday.

speed limits: indiana races into the 20th century by increasing speed limits... in some places:

Lawmakers raised speed limits on rural interstates and four-lane divided highways during the past session, but it will take the Indiana Department of Transportation months to evaluate many of the state's eligible roads to determine whether they're safe for higher speeds.

Rural interstates that currently have a 65 mph posted speed limit, however, will go up to 70 mph beginning Tuesday. State transportation officials are waiting until after the busy Fourth of July holiday to start putting up new signs.

abortion disclosure: abortion providers are now required to tell pregnant women that they have the option to view an ultrasound. hello... are there any women out there who didn't realize that pregnant women sometimes get ultrasounds?

pseudophedrine: if you're an allergy sufferer, or you've ever looked at the contents of a box of cold/allergy medicine, you know that pseudophedrine is in something like half of the products on the market. i don't have any statistics on that, but seriously, that shit is in everything... though the majority of products also have something else: an analgesic (usually acetaminphen), an antihistamine, or both.

but ephedrine and pseudoephedrine can also be used to make crystal meth. so in the interest of combatting meth, indiana pharmacies will now be forced to keep all these cold/allergy products behind the counter.

Over-the-counter cold medicines, such as Sudafed, contain ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, ingredients used to make meth. Starting Friday, those cold medicines will be placed behind a counter.

Stores with pharmacies also could choose to place those medicines on shelves, as long as the pharmacy is open and the medicines are within sight of pharmacy staff and under 24-hour video surveillance.

Customers must be at least 18 years old to buy the medicines, show ID and sign a logbook.

Tip: Even before the law passed, some retailers had moved those medicines behind the counter. So if you look for cold medicine before Friday and can't find it, ask. There's no reason to be embarrassed.

from this i'm inferring that all products containing (pseudo)ephedrine will be covered by the new rules. but are meth manufacturers really going to use dimetapp 12-hour extra-strength cold & flu, with 3-4 extra ingredients? no, they will want plain (pseudo)ephedrine; no self-respecting chemist is going to use known-impure ingredients when better, cheaper ingredients are only an arm's length away.

anyway, if you do go out to stock up on sudafed before friday, don't buy more than a couple boxes in any one place. if you show up at the register with 50 boxes of wal-phed (walgreens generic pseudoephedrine), they will suspect that you're a meth dealer. and if you really need that much, you probably are.