Friday, June 24, 2005

love theme from the free zone

the free zone is hands-down the best radio show in indianapolis. not that that's really saying a lot. they play the hippest indie rock, the best underground hip-hop (none of that top-40 50 cent shit; they play stuff like beans, dizze rascal, def jux artists, etc), and even play great artists like negativland, evolution control committee, secret mommy, and more.

they've also been very supportive of me, playing some of my stuff and even booking me for a show last halloween. (cohost rob g even listed maura's milk chocolate bath as one of his top 10 of 2004.)

a couple months ago they asked me to compose a new opening theme for the show. i made three. (though it took me awhile to get around to it, with all my other active projects.) they're supposed to start using my themes tonight (maybe one, maybe alternating between two).

the show is every friday and saturday at midnight (indiana time, currently equivalent to central daylight time) on WICR 88.7fm indianapolis. if you're outside the listening area, you can tune in online at

on sunday, i think i'll post all three mp3s in the mp3 of the week section, which will be the last mp3s posted to that section in its current form. in coming weeks i'll either discontinue the mp3 of the week or i'll significantly rework it a discussed here.

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