Tuesday, June 14, 2005

here it is

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this mixer is a bit taller than my old mixer, maybe one or even two rack spaces taller. my rack still had room for it, but just barely; i had to move the cd remotes in order to squeeze the mixer into its spot.

this also means that the back of the mixer (where all the ins and outs are) is much closer to the back of the rig. the gap is narrow enough that some of my rca cables won't fit, and the smaller cables will fit but inserting them requires some tricky finger work.

worse, the mixer comes with a detachable power cable (identical to the power cables used on PCs), which would be a cool design idea if space were unlimited. but it's not, and there simply was not space to plug the cable in. i had to have barry take it to the basement and carve a hole in the rack with his dremel tool in order to plug the cable in. but that's done now, and my studio is hooked back up with the exception of turntable 1, because i just didn't have enough rca cables with small plugs. i'll have to pick up a couple more cables, maybe tomorrow.

it will take time to get used to not having eq or gain on each channel; i'm used to cranking up the gain on quiet channels, which is bad mixing practice, but otherwise i didn't really use them. and now my whole setup, except for the kaoss pad, is numark. maybe they will sponsor me.

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