Friday, June 24, 2005

financial support for public broadcasting

it should be no surprise. the same thing happens every time the right-wing tries to drasticly cut funding for public broadcasting: the public throws a fit, and congress, suddenly receiving millions of angry emails and phone calls, quickly realizes just how unpopular the idea of cutting funding is and reinstates the money.

despite what tomlinson says, a very large majority of americans do not think public broadcasting is biased, and if anything want more funding for it, not less.

but the news isn't all good:

PBS still might end up with less money than in its current budget. The legislation would eliminate a $23 million for the Ready to Learn program, which subsidizes children's educational programming and distributes learning materials.

Public broadcasting advocates say $82 million is set to be cut for satellite upgrades and a program to help public TV stations switch to digital technology. Restoring the money would mean dipping into dollars intended for stations and programming, they say.

i was going to title this "big bird gets his money back" but did he? apparently not.

also, the cpb board picked a new president: the one tomlinson wanted them to pick. the one who was formerly a co-chair of the republican party.

fight bias with bias.

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