Tuesday, June 21, 2005

supply & demand

i noticed recently that i have not updated my mp3 of the week in a month: yep, 30 days, or one month ago tomorrow, i posted two mp3s to that page (because i was going on vacation), and it hasn't been updated since. perhaps more significantly, not one person has emailed me or left any blog comments asking about the mp3 of the week.

"where's the mp3 of the week?" you could've said. but you haven't. which suggests to me that not many people really care about the mp3 of the week. the thing never really got more than 30-40 downloads a week anyway.

i never expected it to continue indefinitely (after all, i have a finite amount of material, and the concept of quality control suggests i should quit before i post it all, though i do have at least some more postable material). so maybe i should just end it now: there are still plenty mp3s on the site and i'll continue to keep posting new material, just not necessarily weekly and not necessarily old stuff. or maybe i should change it around, make it less stAllio!-exclusive? the current content rules mandated either stAllio! solo stuff or old side projects (meaning not awia or pirates). but there's no real reason i couldn't post awia mp3s. or i could make it into a "bad taste/awia" mp3 of the week, and then i could post non-stAllio! material from my friends and label-mates, like bobby vomit, unszene, dr. butcher m.d., zoke, masochistic ear, etc. (though if i did that, maybe it should be moved to badtaste4life.com instead of animalswithinanimals.com)

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