Thursday, June 30, 2005

30 days

god damn i love this show... last week's episode wasn't quite as good as this week's or the first one, but they've all been very good. in this week's episode, a die-hard christian man from WV goes to live with a muslim family for 30 days, and must participate in all their customs. he has a real crisis of faith, fearing that by participating in their prayer rituals he is going to make jesus mad or something. of course, there's a lot more going on. and next week, a hardcore right-winger will go live with gay men in san francisco's "the castro" district!

i ♥ morgan spurlock.

last night i also watched the series premiere of stella, starring three guys from the state. i really enjoyed it.

and while i'm posting about tv, the new gay channel from viacom called logo premieres tonight. i have directv, so i'll be able to watch it. though unfortunately there is not much programming info on the website, so it's hard to tell what their schedule will look like (the directv page has a slow, hard-to-navigate schedule)... i'll just look it up on tivo when i'm at home.