Friday, June 10, 2005

deep fried reese's cups

i had a deep-fried snicker's bar at the fair last year. the experience was not unlike eating a candy bar you've had in your pocket or sitting in your car for too long: it tasted good but was essentially like eating a sac full of liquid chocolate. not a great experience.

but the indy star has the lowdown on this year's new fried crap at the indiana state fair.

If you loved deep-fried Oreos and Twinkies, get ready for Reese's Cups and Ho Hos, battered and fried as only the State Fair can.

If you don't know a Ho Ho from a Ding Dong, the Ho Ho also is sometimes generically referred to as an iced chocolate cake roll. It just so happens that Hostess, the company that makes Ho Hos, got its start in Indianapolis in 1925, according to Hostess' Web site. But we digress.

batter-fried reese's peanut butter cups? hot damn, i think i'll have to try that. just like i need to try the new peanut butter milkshakes at steak n shake (they're not listed on the menu on the website, but i found out about them during a trip to a cleveland steak n shake last week... mmm.... peanut butter shakes).