Tuesday, July 13, 2004

when it rains it snows....i wonder why

just when i'm still reeling from being booked at the midwest music summit, i find this: a brand-spankin'-new review of maura's milk chocolate bath in the indy spins (local reviews) section of IMN. strange. (you also might want to check out the chatter on the message board thread... naturally the talk is all about the cover.)

the review is by rob g of the free zone. he's been doing a great job of supporting me since i sent them a package a couple months back... last week they spent a good minute discussing the concept behind my
true data 12", the week before they played a track off mmcb (though i forgot to listen that week, dumb dumb dumb), & they're even name-dropped me before as well as played selections from free speech for sale (which i sent them). so in short: you should check out the show, because it's possibly the coolest thing on indianapolis radio.

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