Sunday, July 11, 2004

dial tone

it was all a lie. tone loc was not at my reunion. but i had a fun enough time anyway. it was strange seeing some of those people again, some of whom i barely recognized or remembered. everyone was nice & some of them were pretty excited to see me. i even got a profuse apology from my high school "bully" (he never beat me up or anything, but abused me verbally... he's clearly done some growing up since graduation). there were a few people i wished were there but weren't (i tended to hang out with a lot of outsiders), but it was a good time.

i got pretty drunk on wine (which was free... until 10pm. what's up with that?), passed out relatively early for a saturday night, & woke up very early. now i'm nursing a hangover; nothing too terrible, just a bit of a headache & that mildly queasy sensation of feeling the previous night's toxins still filtering out of my bloodstream.

we also went to see spider-man 2 yesterday. good movie. my sister said she liked it more than the first movie. i don't know if i would go that far (maybe i need to see it again to really compare) but it is very well made & a worthy successor to the first spider-man movie, which i thought was great.

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