Monday, July 12, 2004

block the vote

no, i'm not talking about the gop's appalling attempts to actually prevent democrats from voting, though that is where i got the term from.

no, this is a little more urgent. apparently the arch-conservatives and homophobes in govt are currently debating the travesty known as the "same sex marriage amendment." & they hope to put it to a vote this wednesday!

i get a lot of mail from moveon & sometimes it seems like there isn't enough time in the day to even read them all... but this time around i made sure to sign the petition immediately because this isn't just any crackpot bill they're talking about... they want to amend the constitution in order to discriminate, to inject a li'l bit o' hate that wasn't in the constitution before. if the us constitution is to mean anything at all, this must not pass. like moveon says:

This is unprecedented -- never before has our Constitution been amended to take away anyone's rights.

so sign the petition & let everyone know you won't stand for this befouling of our most important document.

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