Wednesday, July 07, 2004

it only took 3 years....

ken lay has finally been indicted. but will kenny boy's downfall rub off on his buddy bush? obviously bush distanced himself from lay immediately after the enron scandal broke; will the public remember their close ties? or perhaps more pertinently, will the media conveniently forget?

i'm reminded of the "two justice systems" sketch on chappelle's show, where dave reversed the treatment of blue collar & white collar criminals: a swat team raids the unethical executive's home, shooting his dog and railroading him through an unsympathetic court into prison, while the drug dealer receives a polite phone call asking him to turn himself in, pleads the fifth, and gets off on a technicality. enron's victims (and there are possibly millions of them, even if you don't count the citizens of california, who were screwed over by the energy crisis enron engineered) have been howling for lay's head for years. indicting him now is better than not indicting at all, but i'm not sure how comforting that will be to all those workers who lost their retirement funds.

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