Wednesday, July 28, 2004

bring it on down rude boy

just returned from dnb night... it was a special event, a record release party for jahba & sumone (the two regular djs of the night). special guests for the night were enduser and soundmurderer.

we showed up maybe 10:45 or so. quahogs and crew were there, so we hung out with them & talked for awhile. that was fun. quahogs & scottfro were both wearing the "recycle your record collection" t-shirt (interesting because neither of them live in-state), but unfortunately i didn't get a chance to talk to scottfro, so he remains one of my few customers who i've never been in contact with other than to sell them something...

enduser started not long after we arrived. sounded like he played a bunch of new material (or at least there was a lot i didn't recognize; it couldn't have all come from records i don't have, because i have a decent percentage of his catalog). the crowd was pretty packed (much moreso than last week) & they were all over enduser. both drbmd & dj coppertop commented how it was almost shocking to see a crowd in indy get so into something so hard. when he played one of his "better known" tracks (i think it was "wreckin' shit"? i need to double-check), several in the crowd "sang along" to the sample "she asked me to give her 9 inches and make it hurt so i fucked her three times and punched her in the mouth"... i sure don't remember that happening when he played the same track when i saw him in march... though we also heard someone spin that track last week, so maybe it gets played a lot at dnb night.

after enduser came soundmurderer. he was playing from a laptop, but i guess it was a dj set (at least to some extent) because he straight up played "bucephalus bouncing ball" by aphex twin & i think i also recognized a mu-ziq track in there somewhere... the crowd was into that too, but they also started to thin out by this point. good set, anyway, from a pretty big name dnb dj.

we didn't stick around too much after soundmurderer; we did hear the first jahba track from the record whose release party it was. it was good, but what most stuck me about it was that it seemed familiar... it was built around a ragga that i've definitely already heard sampled in ragga jungle ("murder dem"). it did sound good though. anyway, the record isn't even quite out; they were just playing the test pressing. i thought the point of a record release party is that you have copies of the record available?

this was also streamed over the internet at according to the marketing, it was the "first ever live tv webcast of an american jungle event". i didn't see the camera (though i did see the webcast stuff; maybe the camera was there), so for all i know people on the internet could see us sitting there at the table not talking to anyone.

okay, way past my bedtime... i'm off to brush my teeth. big ups to the cincinnati crew, including enduser, quahogs, grant, q's brother, etc.

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