Tuesday, July 27, 2004

the skinny puppy game

this game is a variant of "six degrees of kevin bacon", except the goal is to connect a given artist to the legendary industrial band skinny puppy. i don't remember the exact details of its origin (perhaps in the old radio freedom chat room?), but i do know that quahogs and i inspired tfy to post about it way back in april 2002.

anyway, i've been doing research for something i'm writing (more on this in a couple weeks when it comes out), & i suddenly remembered this game... it wouldn't really work for this thing i'm writing, but it occurred to me that now that otto von schirach has done some work on the latest skinny puppy record (and opened for them during part of their recent tour), it is extremely easy to connect just about anyone from the bad taste crew to skinny puppy in at most 3 degrees. which means that anyone who has a legitimate connection to me is at most 4 degrees from skinny puppy. allow me to demonstrate using tfy (as a treat because i know he used to play).

1. the former yugoslavia has a track on the free speech for sale compilation; also on that compilation is a track by animals within animals.
2. one of the collaborators on the animals within animals 2cd mono a mono was stunt rock.
3. stunt rock had a track on the Ye Olde Barn Compilation cd & record; otto von schirach also appeared on that release.
4. otto von schirach collaborated with skinny puppy on their cd "The Greater Wrong of the Right" and opened for them on several dates of that tour.

i chose to do this using only music releases. i could just as easily do it using live performance lineups. i don't necessarily have to go through stunt rock either; i picked him because the connection between us is strongest. for example:

1. the former yugoslavia performed live at recycled rainbow 5 (?); also performing that night was stAllio! (with animals within animals).
2. stAllio! had a track on the "Way to Go Dumb Ass" comp, along with doormouse, stunt rock, and loaf pincher (a side project of venetian snares and fanny).
3. doormouse, stunt rock, venetian snares, and fanny all appear on "Ye Olde Barn Compilation" alongside otto von schirach.
4. Q.E.D.

if you know anything about "Ye Olde Barn", you know it's dedicated to the wisconsin late "barn parties" thrown by the addict crew back in the day, & all the artists on it played at least one of those parties... otto played one or two, but i don't remember the specific lineup of the one he played, so i won't use it... i'm sure doormouse was on that bill, but not much else. and i did technically play a show on the same bill as doormouse in belvidere illinois in early may 2002, so you could use live shows exclusively if you wanted. i'm not vainly showing off, really. i'm just giving pointers for the skinny puppy game. it only feels like i'm showing off.

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