Friday, July 16, 2004

when it rains it snows pt. ii

i just received the imn newsletter. at the top is a picture of me (actually a cropped version of this picture from my online press kit). right next to me is paul stanley. (click here for screenshot)

at first i only knew about the pic on the actual review page, which was a collage of images relating to the 4 cds being reviewed. i think a couple days passed before i realized that link to the reviews on the imn main page had my picture alone:

a bunch of people go to the imn main page, & a bunch more get the newsletter. so i expect lots of people to start recognizing me on the streets soon. i'll need to get cosmetic surgery to change my appearance. eventually, that is, once i get tired of the rockstar lifestyle.

but seriously, i guess the lesson is to keep some high-quality images on your band's website where press types can easily find them (this is assuming you want press attention, of course). i hear references to 200dpi images as a good standard. i don't actually have any crisp images that big; the ones in my gallery are 1280x960. but they need to be pretty big if you want any chance of the pics seeing print (obviously this image hasn't seen print yet, only web use, so consider this a useful tangent from someone who works in print).

so anyway, paul stanley of KISS and stAllio! are the only two photos in the newsletter, both at the top. the equal billing means i'm equally as important as KISS, right?

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