Wednesday, July 21, 2004

lord ha'mercy

[ed note: in my not-entirely-sober state at 1:30am last night, i wrote this and mistakenly posted it to awia news instead of this blog. once it has been moved here i will delete the awia news post... just fyi in case someone gets confused]

just got back from dnb night at the melody inn... luckily, this afternoon i managed to find the one bulletin board where the dnb night kids actually promote their events online (for awhile they were pimpin' on the mw-dnb boards but i guess they got bored of that).

i wouldn't have even thought to go tonight, but i got an email from firestorm viper this morning mentioning that he was scheduled to play tonight. so i mentioned it to drbmd, thinking we should go (after all, we had booked firestorm viper for experiMENTAL, but he had to cancel due to his work schedule).

it was a good time, though we rarely left our comfy table (hey, i go to shows to hear the music, not to socialize, as evidenced by the fact that i usually just sit in one space during the show, hardly talking to anyone). fviper played a good set, perhaps somewhere between a PA and a dj set (we spotted a bit of doormouse & nasenbluten during the set, so it obviously wasn't 100% "original", whatever that means these days).

but we were in for a surprise when we reached the venue: the other out-of-town act booked for the evening was called reptile-kun. we had even checked out the website before going to the show. but when we arrived at the show (barely through the door), reptile-kun recognized us, calling out to dr butcher.

turns out "reptile-kun" is a newish name for the guy who had set up a bad taste show for us in rockford illinois (actually belvidere IL) back in 2002. (fans of my tracks "rockford fillinois" and "live-in butler" might note the significance of this show, since i wrote those tracks [or at least the original version of "live-in butler" specifically for that show.) we knew him as 1/2 of the a group called no-tech; i guess reptile-kun is his solo/dj name. so it was fairly strange that we went to the show because we sorta-knew one of the out-of-town performers, & it turns out that we knew the other out-of-town act even better, in a way. so it was a damn good thing we showed up tonight.

so reptile-kun had an interesting set, starting out with almost straight hip-hop & dancehall for a couple tracks before working his way into the breakcore. it was definitely a different-sounding set than i'm used to from dnb night (where mashed amens, 2-step beats, & ragga samples are the usual flavor). conveniently firestorm viper was up after that, so we didn't have to stay super late just to hear the acts we wanted. yes, we stayed until almost 2, but we could've left at 1:15 or so & not have missed the out of towners.

next week at dnb night is the big "mos-hi" record release party, with enduser and soundmurderer. we'll probably go to that too, & there might be a much bigger crowd. the crowd tonight wasn't too small, but definitely smaller than the past couple dnb night events i'd attended (though admittedly, i hadn't been for awhile except for the "special events" like the doormouse show).

okay, i'm up well past my bedtime, so now that this post is finished i need to brush my teeth & go to bed....

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