Saturday, February 23, 2008

shorter gary welsh

shorter gary welsh: if you're not alarmed by the fact that andré carson is a muslim whose candidacy is supported by other muslims, then you're probably a far-left extremist like he is.


Wilson46201 said...

poor Gary is getting so hysterical aginst Carson that he knowingly allowed this comment to be posted on his moderated blog:

Anonymous said...

And if André Carson has his way, Congress will be run by Jesse Jackson, Malcom X, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakahn.
Osama bin Laden will donate millions to the Carson campaign in hope that he vote to pull all U.S. troops from the middle east.
7:45 PM EST

Anonymous said...

Well, of course. But then, Gary already established that I'm a far left extremist, so, it just goes without saying.

Marti said...

It's making me ill, I'm writing about it tomorrow. I like Gary, but when it comes to anything Carson related, it's really disgusting how far he'll go.