Wednesday, February 13, 2008

an embarrassing day

the full video of mayor ballard's house testimony is up, and reports are that it's even more embarrassing than i thought.

also, today news got out that two weeks ago, ballard's press secretary sent out a memo demanding that nobody in the administration correspond with WTLC. this is not only shockingly childish and unprofessional, but quite possibly illegal.

and republican congressional candidate and state rep jon elrod was caught on tape "writing campaign letters while on the floor of the House and handing them to a legislative employee to mail". while it appears that elrod technically broke no laws himself, the employee who mailed the letters did break house rules, and the whole situation was awkward enough that minority leader bosma had to sit the two down and give them a "stern talk".

update: oh yeah, and there was that whole iu basketball illegal phone calls thing, which is a bad scene, not that i really understand it.

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