Wednesday, February 06, 2008

have a super day

as every other blog aside from this one has already mentioned, yesterday was super tuesday, when about half the US holds its primary elections. on the democratic side, the big news is... still no clear frontrunner. clinton and obama are still quite close in the race for delegates. it could go all the way to the convention, which would be exciting if a bit crazy.

but more specifically, this means that indiana's near-last-in-the-country presidential primary might actually mean something! hoosier voters might get an actual chance to go into the booth on may 6th and cast a real, meaningful vote for the democratic nominee. that hasn't happened in my memory, if in my lifetime.

this might force me to choose between clinton and obama. i'd be happy to vote for either of them, as either would be a billion times better than the republican frontrunner, john mccain, and a bazillion times better than our current president—not to mention that either will put an end to the 200 years of white dudes holding the office. if i had to pick today, i'd probably pick obama: he's more the "inspirational" candidate while hillary is a more "practical" candidate, and i gotta go with inspiration over pragmatism. but i don't have to pick today.

as for mccain wrapping up the republican nomination, it's a bit of a surprise. over the past eight years he's sold out everything people used to like him for, and the conventional wisdom a few months ago was that his campaign was dead. but the field of republican candidates is such a pack of jokers that i guess mccain doesn't look like as a big a loser as the rest. even the right-wing pundits hate him now, with even ann coulter saying she'd rather support hillary.

the may primary was already going to be a big deal for 7th district democrats, as we'll be choosing who will run for julia carson's old seat in the fall as well as who'll be running for governor against mitch daniels. if we get to actually vote for the presidential nominee for once, that can only improve turnout. (in contrast, the republican primary in the district will be relatively lame, with their nominees for those three races pretty much settled already.)

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djempirical said...

well, of Clinton and Obama, one of them served on the board of a notoriously union busting corporation. so in a pinch, that could help a decision. :)