Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hollywood goes back to work

the writers strike is over! word of a tentative deal has been circulating for about a week, but the new contract wasn't official until WGA members voted for it, which they did yesterday. the writers achieved some major gains—getting residuals for content on the internet and doubling the residuals they receive from DVDs—but didn't get everything they wanted. the cost of the strike was often steep, for both sides, but overall this was a successful strike for hollywood writers.

so now that everyone's going back to work, what's happening with your favortie shows? tv guide has a list that might hold the answer. many shows, such as the office, are expected to make more episodes for this season, to air this spring. others, such as heroes and 24, are being pushed back another season (which means we won't see the new season of 24 until next january). and other shows are sailing into quiet cancelation—i never would've expected it last fall, but i'm more bothered about journeyman being cancelled than about bionic woman. (then again, while i did enjoy journeyman, i never cared for most of the supporting cast.) perhaps most important of all, it looks like the final 10 episodes of battlestar galactica will indeed be produced, though we might have to wait a long time to see them. (new episodes being airing april 4.)

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