Saturday, February 09, 2008

elrod unbothered by ties to eric miller

last month, i reported that congressional candidate jon elrod had hired main-1-media—a firm with close ties to professional gay-marriage opponent eric miller—to design his website, this week, melyssa asked elrod about those connections and posted about it at the hoosiers for fair taxation blog:

Jon Elrod was asked about hiring 1 to 1 Media, the marketing company connected with Eric Miller's Advance America. Elrod said his campaign hired the company and he didn't know who was hired. He also said his website is built and he has no plans to change it. He mentioned he felt no need to speak out publicly on this because his record supporting the hate crimes bill and his stance against SJR7 speaks for itself.

not a particularly encouraging response. he didn't know who was designing and hosting his site, and apparently doesn't care. he might disagree with eric miller and his cronies on these two issues, but he doesn't mind giving them money—which he presumably continues to do, as his domain remains registered to main-1-media, which suggests that they are now hosting the site in addition to having designed it.

curiously, one of the commenters at that blog argues that eric miller "would never support someone like Elrod", citing as evidence, which is currently a redirect to this advance indiana post about elrod. i guess the idea is that elrod is a "fake" republican because he supports a hate crimes bill and doesn't want to write homobigotry into the state constitution. ironically, the AI post is supportive of elrod and was written by a fellow republican, but what i find most interesting is that nobody had registered before november. it seems like such an obvious domain. (incidentally, doesn't seem to be registered to anyone, so snap it up now!)

as for whether eric miller truly could support elrod, i can't say. but miller is crafty, and i imagine that, given the choice between elrod or the democratic nominee (probably andré carson), he would readily choose elrod. but would elrod support eric miller? in a way, he does already.


Wilson46201 said...

Last Congressional cycle, Eric Miller on his Christian Voters Scorecard gave "moderate" Eric Dickerson a 9 out of 10 approval rating -- Julia Carson got a total ZERO from Miller. It's likely Eric Miller will do the same for Elrod and Carson...

Anonymous said...

Jon Elrod is a Fake Republican for many reasons, including his refusal to stand with the other 48 Republicans who are calling for a Consitutional Amendment to define marriage as One Man and One Woman.

Even a number of Democrats have and are still standing for marriage being defined as One Man and One Woman, but NOT Elrod!

Elrod is the only Republican (RINO) who wants to promote special rights for the Gays: