Monday, February 18, 2008

came and went

last week, someone started an angry pro-administration blog called ballard rules. this week, it's already gone, prompting speculation at about why it died so quickly and who was behind it in the first place.

one commenter suggested that it might be written by the people behind another angry right-wing blog, frugal hoosiers, noting that the "email me" link on the blog had pointed to a frugal hoosiers email address.

so i decided to follow up by checking the google cache—always handy when a blog gets deleted. lo and behold, i discovered that not only was this true, but the blog had been running on frugal hoosiers's typepad installation, where it is still visible, right down to the attacks on a two-month old baby. i figured i should take a screenshot for posterity, in case they take down that version, too.

so it's clear that the frugal hoosiers folks are somehow involved with the ballard rules blog—but not who authored it (there are multiple people behind the blog, and they also could've set it up on their account for some third party). and why they'd take down a blog that's a mere week old remains a mystery... though perhaps not if you read what passes for content there.

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