Wednesday, February 13, 2008

potential mashup

how long until someone mashes this video with scatterbrain's "don't call me dude"?

i'd do it, but i have an album to finish.


arratik said...

Scatterbrain... that takes me back.

When we went to Baltimore last September, we were walking back from the American Visionary Art Museum along that exact same boardwalk at the Inner Harbor, and we saw two of those cops - same uniforms, same vehicles, everything - acting like total flaming dicks to a group of teenagers who weren't even skateboarding.

There must be something about that particular beat that turns cops into assholes.

djempirical said...

man, i don't even have album preparation as a good excuse....

but yeah, scatterbrain rules.

a few years back, i saw the band 2 Skinnee J's with their new drummer, Mikey B. my friend Eddie, who played bass, was like, yeah Mikey was in another band for years, but i can't remember the name. you should ask him about it. i ran into mikey later and he said it was scatterbrain. i was like, you're mike boyko?!

i think he was surprised that i (a) knew the band, and (b) knew his name.

djempirical said...


arratik said...

I saw Scatterbrain live once - they did a v. entertaining cover of Zappa's "Titties and Beer". If memory serves the drummer (I guess it would have been Mikey B.) even donned a Devil mask a la Terry Bozzio.

Here's the Baltimore Sun article about the cop's suspension.

djempirical said...

i believe a live version of T&B appears on one of scatterbrain's singles.