Tuesday, May 16, 2006

luckily for you, i'm in your extended network

love it or lump it, let's face it: myspace is rather ugly. sure, some people customize their layouts, but most of these manage to look even worse than the default. once in a while you might find a customized myspace page that looks decent, but spotting one of these in the wild is like spotting an ivory-billed woodpecker. they're out there, but you'd be forgiven for thinking they don't exist.

in my meanderings last night i stumbled across this blog post by mike industries. mike dove headfirst into the muddled, kludgy world of myspace code, just for the challenge, and came up with a myspace design that's crisp and sharp, with some extra surprises (some of which aren't visible in IE but are pretty cool in firefox). best of all, mike provides the CSS code and image templates so others can adapt his template to their own myspace pages. in the end, i stayed up way too late last night changing my personal myspace page & my myspace music page.

in order to use the template, you'll need a graphics editor, some server space, and you'll also need to be comfortable with CSS syntax (as well as hex color codes), so it's not for noobs. still, mike has proven that you can make a decent-looking myspace page (you can decide for yourself whether mine look decent), and using his code, other designers can make it happen. i've been wanting to customize my myspaces for awhile, and now i finally have. i also have another design project that i should go live soon, and i'll be sure to post about that when it does.


Anonymous said...

hey, all the song files seem to be missing from your music myspace page.

stAllio! said...

god bless it... i have no idea what happened there. the files just vanished, i guess. i'm now in the process of deleting all those empty songs and uploading new ones. there should be 1–2 working songs up now, and 4 before too long.