Monday, May 08, 2006

the flogger hits the web

i hadn't expected to use this flogger photoshop again (especially only a few days after i made it), but i had to use it one last time to commemorate greg "the flogger" walker getting a new website!

advance indiana and tdw both have posts noting the appearance of, a new website mocking state senate candidate walker. you might recall that walker defeated long-standing senate pro tem bob garton in last week's republican primary, in part buoyed by support from fundamentalist christians and pro-lifers.

the site only has one page to date, but it does feature this quote from a letter to the editor walker wrote to the columbus republic back in 2003:

Flogging would have a high deterrent factor, be inexpensive, would not keep the perpetrator from working to support himself and any dependents, could be administered swiftly, and most importantly, would alter behavior. If properly, publicly administered, the corporal punishment would steer the offending citizen to chose constructive recreational alternatives to drug abuse.

"recreational alternatives to drug abuse"? you mean, like, bondage or sadomasochism?

[warning: site contains gratuitous midi of devo's "whip it"]

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arratik said...


a bunch of scamps from this area are doing the same thing to rep. charles taylor (nc-11):