Tuesday, May 16, 2006

my first youtube

over the years i've directed several music videos, both for my music and for the music of friends and acquaintances in "the scene". most of these videos have never appeared online because of the space and bandwidth issues involved with hosting video. but now that we have sites like youtube, i don't really have an excuse anymore, do i?

so here is my first youtube upload. i thought it would only be appropriate for my first upload to be the first video i ever made, back in '99:

this is a video for the song "requcnice" from perpetual emotion machine. like most of my early videos, it was shot entirely on a handheld vhs camera with no budget and no assistance, and edited using primitive pause-button editing. in other words, it's really gritty and lo-fi, but that's okay because the music is, too.

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