Tuesday, May 02, 2006

it's captain election!

indy star political columnist matt tully has a blog, possibly the best of the star blogs (and easily the best of the star's political blogs).

today he's been live-blogging the primaries, with updates every couple hours about election glitches and other developments, like the poll worker whose car was stolen this morning with ballots and election materials inside.

at 2:56, tully posted this update, titled "Captain Election!":

Nothing is generating more punchlines today than word that Secretary of State Todd Rokita has a state helicopter on standby, ready to fly around the state in case of election problems.

This news has conjured up images of Rokita as Captain Election, steering his helicopter around Indiana, clad in a superhero's outfit and saving voters from ballot problems.

Forget those images.

Rokita's spokesman said the helicopter would more likely be used by technicians racing to out-of-the-way counties in need of assistance. The spokesman said it is unlikely Rokita would actually join the technicians on a trip. But, he added, the helicopter is a sign that Rokita is thinking "outside the box."

Of course he is. Most superheroes do.

i'd been thinking of posting something snarky about the rokita-copter, but i really don't have anything new to say, so instead i have photoshopped this image. it's a little sloppy and arguably not very inspired, but i was bored, so here it is. enjoy.

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