Friday, May 05, 2006

goss is gone

cia director porter goss suddenly and unexpectedly resigned today. could it be because of the investigations into watergate 2: electric boogaloo, the scandal surrounding felonious congressman duke cunningham and his lobbyist buddy wilkes? last week, goss denied ever attending one of wilkes' famous baccanals, with poker in the front and hookers in the rear. was that a lie? does goss have some other connection to this exploding story?

the current rumor is that goss was asked to resign because of issues involving kyle "dusty" foggo, who is an old buddy of wilkes who attended numerous poker parties, and whom goss plucked from obscurity to appoint as executive director.

tpm muckraker has been all over this scandal all week, and is full of the latest updates on this and other scandalous stories.

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