Tuesday, May 16, 2006

world premiere! dr. butcher m.d. "suffer" music video

two or three years ago, i watched & recorded hours of music videos, then assembled a montage of popstars, hopstars, and their entourages busting a move and generally getting funky. i set this to music: a breakcore track titled "suffer" by my friend and frequent collaborator dr. butcher m.d..

because of its length (almost 8 minutes) and size, this video has never before been available online. before today, a couple dozen people have had the privelege of seeing it, huddled in front of tvs watching home-burned VCDs and DVD-Rs. but now, thanks to youtube, you can finally view this video online.

i'll continue adding more music videos in the future, but i don't want you to get burned out from too many uploads at once, so stay tuned for more youtube videos in the future.

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