Tuesday, May 16, 2006

where'd the cheese go?

if you clicked the link in my earlier post to my myspace music page and tried to listen to the mp3s, you might have been greeted with a mysterious "song not found!" error message. it figures that i would brag about my new myspace design and yet the mp3s wouldn't work.

i have no idea what's up with that. the files just disappeared, i guess. for all i know, the mp3s vanished weeks or months ago, and nobody pointed it out until now. whatever happened, it seems to be a pretty significant myspace glitch, though it's conceivable that i clicked an invisible "delete all my songs" button while i was editing my profile last night.

at any rate, i can't count on my mp3s reappearing, so i deleted all those phantom songs and have posted four "new" ones. "we will iraq you" is back, but there's only one version of it (the shortened "radio edit" seems to be much less popular, and you can still get it on my mp3 page anyway). i've also added two old tracks from 2000's _the fezzuck_. these tracks haven't been on the web since the demise of mp3.com. i've tested all these new mp3s, so they should work; let me know if they don't.

if you just come here for the political commentary and don't give a damn about my art or myspace, rest assured that i'll try to get back to that soon.

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