Tuesday, March 11, 2008

today's a special day

most of my regulars surely already know this, but today is a very special day for indianapolis (or most of it). today we get our own special election, an election nobody else gets, because we're indiana's special little district.

unfortunately, i need to spend most of the day working, so i probably won't be blogging much. i'm sure other hoosier blogs will pick up the slack. if you can't bear my absence, just download and listen to my new album; it'll be like i'm right there next to you.


Anonymous said...

Are you living in the 7th District these days? Julia Carson's nonrepresentation made me tear my hair out for years, so I'm intensely curious about who the next rep will be and whether he'll actually, you know, show up and vote once in a while.

stAllio! said...

i'm still in the 7th, but near the edge of the district these days.

both candidates are in their early 30s, so they wouldn't have much excuse for missing votes. (not than dan burton ever had one.)

Wilson46201 said...

Heather: Julia Carson had a very progressive voting record more liberal than either Barney Frank or Maxine Waters. She had the good sense to vote against George W Bush's War on Iraq beforehand. Yes, she missed some minor votes on the naming of Federal Post Offices.

Mike Pence and David Souder have superb attendance records but abysmal positions on progressive issues.